Part 1 of 'Dead My Heart'


Dialy was 20 years old. I was removing a beautiful young woman by rose.

Kulchi Kleya was a name named after you.

I was dear to people with a little Zav and a big Dima smile with my face.

I was about the owners.

An angel is an angel and I want to be another human being.

Mvehash's man is pitiful and merciless, stripped of feelings

Originally, the feelings are my cells.

I was saddled.

Still sane on the day to walk we receive him

I wore the best hairpiece and a long loose khalito. Whatever I did, I turned the ring in Eddie Lahdani, or I walked to Andu Lagito sitting in the place to mark the Ngelso.

Jaya Lando and the smile on my face

Angel: Peace

Nabil: Alamy Salam

Angel: Mgubish Owner Mgubesh Maak Tgubisha Army

Nabil: Let's Go Of Wasting Hearing An Angel

Ari Adek

* * I smiled at the moment of Ateto Adi or closed my eyes as a zip Lea Ghadi kiss them whatever he does

Shuwa as a jinx with the ring to be gifted by Leah KiNeutral from Adi with a Shwa, I had my eyes with a bash. We understand the reality.

Angel: Nabil Shnu Kadir

Nabil: An angel you knew I'm Lych Lake, you're a fig or I'm a fig feminist on you

Angel: Kivash Shnu As Saying As A Laughter Yak

Nabil: No laughter

And let's prove to you that I'm a laugh.

* * Severity of the Ring Liconte Hudayini or Beard

In the ground, I crushed him or my gait.

I my heart looked like Karek Bash Tablet Shanu Hadshi Lederty Gap Leah Rassie is a dream

Ou Gadi Nafiq

Las SF McNche as a dream was a real Hadshi, and you followed Kanjri for Diallo.

I looked like a trench on it from a BGT zag. We don't understand Shanu reality.

Muftah Walu Hayat other than yesterday I was with him or our dozen daytime

Rasu Shavnesh Ksera or Masha House, Khalani Is On The Ground

I went back and stood up or I went back to Kangaroo for a cafe where we were sitting.

Dak shook the ring Lola by dough with legs

Shirty nest Leah Hikda!!! I Shanu worked for Lake Shanoo!!!

Dialy shook the phone or get to Sadiko Bash. We understand Shanu Tar, but even one is mugged.

I reached out to my friend Muhsin. I killed Aggie right now.

I don't want to be a philanthropist, but I still shook me or a cat Leah Taxi, and Bash promised me to walk his legs first at Bash friends.

How did I get into Mahsic Prassie's house until I walked to Mama's neck with effort or as we cried, I told her implicitly or we hugged me with the power of knowing Alash I asked her to Hudshi

I had a passionately enhanced connection with Bash.


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