Part 2 of 'Dead My Heart'


I was like an idiot beggars in the projects. Mama was like a saying.

Or I was like Kivash one thing, man's idiot! So Western. But Ja today bash know Kivash.

Now I've had Muhsin Kitsenani Bash Namshyu.

Muhsin: Being incapacitated or blash

Angel: Wash I am Manasash, Mnish Sleepy I was in the morning or pray you say be Dirty Blash

My grandmother Floss.

Muhsin: I found Flos. You said to your home.

Angel: Said to them Walu Tassele Gada Nduz Enhan Ordinary

Muhsin: Daba is not saying to me to the custom of Babak Shanu can run Lake!!

Angel: Mendu Meder, Qualia The Custom Of Babak Shanu Possible Sign Leh

Gadi is an asshole in which an architectural whale I bear.

Originally, how did I walk to an exam first?

I saluted the mind of Ghadi. I think McKinch at all.

Muhsin singled me out Daruri.

Muhsin: Say Mamal to give you a back or walk Thinking Mamak Vash Claims Like God Quote Get Away From You And A Boy Of Haram

Awa Hadak Rah is not born to Haram

My Architecture Your Lip With The Case Angel

Mohim Yala We Walk Before Our Train

* Muhsin stop Ma 'iya pause man, walking ma' iya have the city, maybe I salute I'm standing with him to specialize or need something I need Kilgani I am the first

Especially in the study we were always as reviewers, groups Mary and Mahsin and I

A complete path and I think about the possible possibilities of Nabil's inputs.

Every time I imagined a timely scenario, Legade Nashov Nabil.

Shanu We Run Lubricant On It, Say Peace How Dyer Nsolo Is At The Moment And Ahwalu Ula Blash

And I say Nishan or we yell at him on my voice.

Muhsin: Oh dick daughter Vin is a complete road

Angel: Kankbar Kivash Gadi Acon Meet

Muhsin: I was the least needed of you. We run it.

Angel: Mkerhach But Heda Is My Purpose

Muhsin: Awa Let's say Shanu signed bash Gadi Avidek

Angel: Knowing Mohem We Understand

Muhsin: My lips and kha I shall be Khaloh friends of Diallo Rah is unacceptable.

And when you say "Samaheli" or return "Rani" you have no intention.

See Him to Leave You Once Able To Leave You 100

We got your city Muhsin as a flip over the place in Google Mab

Mahsin: Chauvi Khaleena Novro for Flos or Namchio on the legs of HD Villa Dak C Nabil Mbaidash Gat HD Train Pleasure Station

Angel: Ah Shahal Dial Time x


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